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Industry leading planned preventative maintenance of your doors. 

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You as a building owner or responsible person have the legal responsibility to maintain fire doors and ensure that they are compliant and fit for purpose. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 set out these obligations and huge fines are handed out to individuals and companies that do not comply.

All fire doors should be inspected every six months at an absolute minimum. And any remedial work should be carried out as quickly as possible. The upcoming Fire Safety Bill is set to make it a legal obligation to carry out fire door inspections on flat entrance doors in HMOs.

The problem is that many companies and individuals do not know how to inspect or maintain fire doors. Often, work is not carried out until it is too late, and companies are finding that they are faced with unexpected expenses. This is where Fire Door Total Compliance can help you as a building owner, responsible person, or landlord.

We will take care of your fire doors for you.

This planned preventative maintenance (PPM) service means that fire door maintenance tasks are scheduled ahead of time and take place on a regular basis – even while your fire doors are functioning normally. We prevent problems before they occur.

By subscribing Fire Door Total Compliance you will benefit from:

  • Minor adjustments of fire doors as standard.

  • BM-Trada Q-Mark approved fire door installation and maintenance teams completing work at set prices.

  • Each door will have ‘Record of Maintenance Activities’ forms issued. You can then use these in your O&M Manuals showing records of all Fire Door Maintenance that has been carried out.

  • A record of what maintenance needs to be carried out on your fire doors.  You will know exactly which Q-Mark Accepted Repair Techniques (ARTs) are required to make each door assembly compliant.

  • No unexpected bills and the costs spread throughout the year. This allows for better accuracy in your budgeting.

  • Peace of mind knowing that your fire doors are safe and compliant.

  • You can prove that your statutory obligations to maintain fire doors are being met.

All service plans are bespoke. They will be on terms that suit you, your business, your properties.  

We have different levels of service. You have full control.

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Here are some questions we frequently get asked about fire doors.

How often should I inspect my fire doors?

As a general rule of thumb you need to inspect your fire doors every six months at minimum. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that the Responsible Person has to inspect and maintain fire safety equipment – this includes fire doors. BS9999 also makes a direct reference to schools and hospitals and states that they have to inspect fire doors every six months. 

Do all of my fire doors need closers?

Not all fire doors require a closer. However, most do need one. Doors that are locked such as riser doors and cleaner’s cupboards do not require closers. All other doors do need one. That includes flat entrance doors, cross-corrifor doors and stairwell doors.

Can I paint my fire door?

Yes, in fact at AJM we strongly recommend that you gloss or paint all of your paint grade doors. The reason for this is because timber doors take on and lose moisture depending on the atmospheric conditions. By glossing a door you help keep the moisture content of the door stable. If the door is constantly taking on and losing moisture over time it begins to warp and gaps open up. 

Do I need intumescent seals?

Yes, all timber fire doors require intumescent seals. In the event of a fire they expand and seal all of the gaps. 

Why do fire doors fail an inspection?

Most fire doors fail an inspection due to poor installation and modifications that affect the integrity of the fire door. The main reasons that fire doors fail is because of gaps and incompatible hardware. 

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