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Fire Door Installations

BM-Trada fire door installations. 

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BM TRADA fire door install

We can supply doors for you or fit internal fire doors you have already sourced. AJM Fire Safety are members of the BM-Trada Q-Mark Fire Door Installation Scheme. Poorly fitted fire doors that do not follow the manufacturer’s instructions are useless. Therefore they put you at risk of voiding your certification. They can also lead to loss of life, loss of property and huge fines issued under the Fire Safety Order. 

AJM Fire Safety installs are compliant every time.  We understand different fire door ratings and how to install fire doors according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  

Fire doors help to contain a fire to a particular compartment or room, thus  giving occupants enough time to escape and the fire service enough time to enter the building and tackle the fire. Because fire doors are used in a functional way on a regular basis their importance is often overlooked.  

Why use AJM Fire Safety for my installation?

By using AJM Fire Safety for your installation you can be certain that the doors are compliant. Furthermore, it will save you money in the long run. When we fit fire doors we use the manufacturer’s instructions and the necessary British Standards such as BS 8214. Ask us about 

Doors that are correctly fitted last longer and are easier to maintain.

All too often we come across fire doors that poorly installed, leaving businesses to pay unexpected bills putting the work right. 

All third-party certified fire door has a certificate data sheet and manufacturer’s instructions. These instructions must be followed in order to ensure the door install is compliant.


Why is it important to install internal fire doors correctly?

Internal fire doors are safety devices. Installed incorrectly and they are useless. Therefore you are putting your building and people’s lives at risk.

As the Responsible Person under the Fire Safety Order, you must ensure that all fire doors are installed correctly and fit for purpose. You must also carry out fire door inspections.

Many businesses decide to pay an unqualified handyman to install their fire doors. However, this often ends up being a waste of time and money. Unqualified handymen are more likely to install the fire door in a non-compliant way. Therefore it is crucial that you employ a trained and qualified joiner to fit your fire doors.

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Here are some questions we frequently get asked about fire doors.

What is the BM TRADA Scheme?

Q-Mark is a third party accreditation by BM TRADA. It is proof of AJM Fire Safety’s competence at fitting fire doors as well as demonstration of our commitment to quality. 

Do all of my fire doors need closers?

Not all fire doors require a closer. However, most do need one. Doors that are locked such as riser doors and cleaner’s cupboards do not require closers. All other doors do need one. That includes flat entrance doors, cross-corrifor doors and stairwell doors.

Can I paint my fire door?

Yes, in fact at AJM we strongly recommend that you gloss or paint all of your paint grade doors. The reason for this is because timber doors take on and lose moisture depending on the atmospheric conditions. By glossing a door you help keep the moisture content of the door stable. If the door is constantly taking on and losing moisture over time it begins to warp and gaps open up. 

Do I need intumescent seals?

Yes, all timber fire doors require intumescent seals. In the event of a fire they expand and seal all of the gaps. 

Why do fire doors fail an inspection?

Most fire doors fail an inspection due to poor installation and modifications that affect the integrity of the fire door. The main reasons that fire doors fail is because of gaps and incompatible hardware. 

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