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Fire Door Inspections

Industry leading fire door inspections. 

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Industry leading fire door inspections

Our friendly, professional and expert teams are on hand to deliver detailed fire door surveys nationwide and ensure you adhere to fire door regulations. We also sign off fire doors that are at installation stage. 

AJM Fire Safety’s inspectors are fully qualified by UK Fire Door Training.

We pride ourselves on offering an excellent service. Our reports are industry leading and carried out by fully trained staff. So you can be confident in getting to the root of your fire door issues. 

Our certified inspectors will survey all of your building’s fire doors. AJM’s expert team will provide you with a report that breaks down all of the issues for you. Because of this you will be able to make informed fire safety decisions.  



Fire Door Inspection Frequency?

The frequency of inspections depends on the usage of the building. For example a quiet, small company office would be more suited to having 6 monthly inspections. Whereas, a hospital, school or residential block would require more regular inspections. Therefore, it is important that you as the ‘responsible person’ recognise the environment and expected usage of the fire doors under your control.

According to BS 9999: Code of practice for fire safety in the design, management and use of building inspections should be carried out every 6 months. Whereas the Fire Safety Order and the Fire Safety Act make it a legal responsibility to regularly and inspect your fire doors. 

At AJM Fire Safety we as an absolute minimum recommend having your fire doors inspected every 6 months by a ‘competent person’. 

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How can AJM Fire Safety assist me further with fire safety?

AJM Fire Safety will offer expert help advice throughout the process, helping you decide on what next steps you should take to ensure compliance with fire door regulations. 

Also, this report also tells you of any remedial work that needs to take place. Therefore, by using this report the Responsible Person can plan maintenance work. So you can make your fire doors compliant. 

Furthermore, any remedial works can be carried out by our in-house Fire Door Maintenance Team who are BM-Trada Q-Mark accredited. Therefore you can be confident that the doors are brought up to compliance.




Why are certified fire door inspections so important?


A fire door is not just a normal door, it is an engineered safety device. Their primary purpose is to protect lives and offer protection to property in the event of a fire. Therefore, they are an integral part of a buildings fire strategy. However, many people do not understand the importance of fire doors. 


A fire risk assessment should discuss the need for fire doors. Also, you are legally obliged to have your fire doors inspected and maintained so that they remain fit for purpose. Therefore it is essential that you take fire safety seriously. 


Additionally, the RRO (Fire Safety Order) states that there has to be ‘a suitable maintenance regime to ensure relevant equipment is kept in an efficient state’, this includes fire doors.  According to the RRO it is the Responsible Person’s duty to maintain fire doors, you can face very severe prosecutions if found guilty of having fire doors that are not fit for purpose. However, many people still fall foul of the law. Thus, it is vitally important that you conduct thorough inspections. Fires can start anywhere, for example in this house fire in Wolverhampton. West Midlands Fire Service and other fire services regularly have to visit avoidable fires. 



How much does a fire door inspection cost?

It depends on the level of service you require. Generally an inspection carried out by a certified inspector will cost between £350-500 per day. However, this can cost more in some locations such as London. To get a free quote from AJM Fire Safety email us at info@ajmfiresafety.com

Are fire door inspections a legal requirement?

Yes! It is a legal requirement for you (the responsible person under the Fire Safety Order) to maintain the fire doors. It is essential that companies and the responsible person understand that a fire door is designed to save lives.

Because the Fire Safety Order says that a Responsible Person must employ a Competent Person to carry out fire safety checks.  

As mentioned above, legally you must have your fire doors inspected and maintained. Article 17 of the Fire Safety Order states that all fire and escape doors are must be maintained and correctly installed.

You should inspect your fire doors every six months as a minimum. Hospitals, universities and schools have more foot traffic, therefore they will need inspections more frequently. 

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Here are some questions we frequently get asked about fire doors.

How often should I inspect my fire doors?

As a general rule of thumb you need to inspect your fire doors every six months at minimum. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that the Responsible Person has to inspect and maintain fire safety equipment – this includes fire doors. BS 9999 also makes a direct reference to schools and hospitals and states that they have to inspect fire doors every six months. 

Do all of my fire doors need closers?

Not all fire doors require a closer. However, most do need one. Doors that are locked such as riser doors and cleaner’s cupboards do not require closers. All other doors do need one. That includes flat entrance doors, cross-corrifor doors and stairwell doors.

Can I paint my fire door?

Yes, in fact at AJM we strongly recommend that you gloss or paint all of your paint grade doors. The reason for this is because timber doors take on and lose moisture depending on the atmospheric conditions. By glossing a door you help keep the moisture content of the door stable. If the door is constantly taking on and losing moisture over time it begins to warp and gaps open up. 

Do I need intumescent seals?

Yes, all timber fire doors require intumescent seals. In the event of a fire they expand and seal all of the gaps. 

Why do fire doors fail an inspection?

Most fire doors fail an inspection due to poor installation and modifications that affect the integrity of the fire door. The main reasons that fire doors fail is because of gaps and incompatible hardware. 

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