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Why are fire doors important?

Why are fire doors important

Written by Jonny Millard

October 27, 2020

Importance of fire doors

Fire doors are an engineered safety device.

You cannot underestimate the role they play in fire safety. Fire doors save lives and save property.

You will have many important fire safety products on your premises, fire doors are one of them. They prevent fire and smoke from spreading across a building. They help keep the fire contained to a particular compartment, giving occupants longer to escape. This also helps the fire service longer to rescue anyone who is still inside. As well as protecting the remainder of the building.


A certified fire door that is installed correctly along with essential ironmongery is a vital part of a building’s passive fire protection system. They are fundamental to most fire strategies for buildings.

If installed incorrectly or with incompatible hardware you are putting lives and property at risk.

A poorly fitted fire door in a fire scenario a 30-minute door may only last 5 minutes. Therefore it is essential you treat them seriously. Watch the video below to see the difference between a compliant and non-compliant fire door in a furnace test.


At AJM we often find that people’s understanding of fire doors is lacking. When we inspect fire doors in premises we often find them propped open. A propped open fire door is useless in a fire scenario.

We also find them fitted with retrofitted items that are incompatible. Thus damaging the integrity of the door makes them non-compliant.


British Standards related to fire doors

The following British Standards relate to the testing of fire doors:
– BS 476-22:1987
– BS EN 1634-1:2014
These standards determine a fire doors rating such as FD30 or FD60.

Fire Door


Smoke protection on fire doors

Often you will see the letter ‘s’ after FD30 or FD60. For example FD30s. The ‘s’ means that the door has been fitted with smoke seals. You will often see a brush or a fin/blade on the seals.

British Standards relating to smoke products on fire doors:
– BS476: Part 31.1
– BS EN 1634: Part 3:2004.


Fire Safety Order and Fire Doors

The Fire Safety Order states that fire safety equipment such as fire doors must be regularly inspected and maintained. If you do not maintain them you are not adhering to the Fire Safety Order.


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