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Why you should use an accredited fire door installer

Fire Door Installation

Written by Jonny Millard

September 8, 2020

Why is fire door installation important?

Fire doors are widely available in the UK. You can purchase fire doors in bulk or off the shelf from a builders’ merchant. Fire doors vary in terms of design, quality, cost and materials. People are often unsure of what they are buying.

The Fire Safety Order 2005 clearly states that all fire safety equipment must be installed correctly. Equipment must also be fit for purpose. Fire doors installed in the UK are wrong 81% of the time. A poorly fitted fire door is useless.
When buying you must consider cost, the law and design of the fire door. However, ensuring the installers are qualified is often ignored.

Whether you are a property manager, quantity surveyor or landlord you can trust that any installer with fire door installation accreditation such as Q-Mark or FIRAS is capable and will install the door so that it is done right.

Companies that produce fire doors have to prove that their products can stop the spread of fire. However, if installed poorly, their fire resistance capabilities are pointless.

The fire door industry is set to grow in the next ten years. As a result understanding of fire doors is improving. However, there is still a lack of knowledge about the role that fire doors play in building safety.

Managers, surveyors, landlords and housing firms are waking up to the importance of approved fire door installers. Yet more work needs to be done.

What fire door accreditation should you be looking for?

Here at AJM Fire Safety we hold the BM-TRADA Q-Mark for fire door installation as well as fire door maintenance. BM-TRADA audit us twice a year to check the capabilities of our training manager and operatives. Our training records are checked as well as the quality of our installs.

When you use a company who is accredited by an third party such as BM-TRADA’s Q-Mark or FIRAS you can be reassured that the company:

  • up to date with all fire door legislation
  • uses appropriately vetted staff
  • has competent management and staff
  • is insured
  • has quality install and maintenance skills and knowledge
  • that they undergo twice yearly audits to ensure they meet the expected standards of the third party.
  • All the above ensures that the accredited company will install company will be:
  • using professionals who know exactly how to install and maintain fire doors so that they are compliant and perform their function as engineered safety devices.

Furthermore, the work will be completed in a manner that matches the buyer’s expectations.

AJM Fire Safety has entered the industry with the intention of upholding high standards and delivering a service that is both professional and compliant.

We have seen fire door install jobs drag on for months as the installers do not have the knowledge to complete the job properly and FDIS inspectors have refused to sign work off.

AJM Fire Safety can eliminate these issues.

Next time you are looking for a company to install fire doors at your premises or upcoming project you should invest in an accredited company.

Call AJM Fire Safety today on 01902 798 024 or email info@ajmfiresafety.com

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