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The Five-Step Check for Fire Doors

Sep 8, 2020

Why is the Five-Step Check important?

The Five-Step Check for fire doors is a vital resource. Any responsible person can use it at any business or building.

As a ‘responsible person’ you legal duty to maintain your fire doors under the Fire Safety Order 2005. Therefore you should be able to carry out the necessary checks on your fire doors. You must carry out these checks, if you do not you can be fined or face prison.

Fire Door Inspections: The Five-Step Check Video

A fire door is a safety device; it is designed to save lives and property in the event of a fire. Therefore if they are not maintained then buildings and people’s lives are in danger. However, the problem is many building owners, and responsible persons do not know how to check and maintain them properly. As a result, many fire doors are installed in a non-compliant way.

Check out our video below for more information about the Five-Step Check.

The AJM Fire Safety’s 5 Step Fire Door Checklist below is a priceless resource for you to use:

Five of the most common reasons that a fire door is non-compliant are:

  1. Incorrect installation – 63%
  2. Incorrect hinges – 20%
  3. Damage – 15%
  4. Incorrect Signage – 33%
  5. Damaged or missing seals – 36%

AJM Fire Safety Limited is passionate about fire door safety. Thus AJM Fire Safety holds the BM-TRADA Q-Mark for both fire door installation, as well as fire door maintenance. We also have our own in-house FDIS (Fire Door Inspection Scheme) approved inspectors. They can carry out fire door inspections for you and your business.

Responsible persons can use this checklist. By using the checklist, you have a greater understanding of what to look for when they carry out fire door checks. Also, you will be doing your duty under the Fire Safety Order.

Do not use this checklist as an alternative to a thorough fire door inspection. An inspection carried out by a certified fire door inspector is far more thorough. This is simply a guide to help building owners and responsible persons gain a better understanding of what to look for when carrying out fire door checks.

The check is for general purposes only. Therefore if you are in doubt contact AJM Fire Safety for a thorough FDIS Fire Door Inspection today.

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